b'Success StoriesBishops Stortford Franchisee Tom and Lacey DaviesOpening Date May 2019Predicted Turnover 175,000(2022) The training course was really detailed; we carried out classroom practice and practical activities demonstrating the day-to-day running of the business.Dealing with Haus Maids Head Office has been a pleasure.They are very professional and supportive.TOM DAVIES, HAUS MAIDS BISHOPS STORTFORDHaus Maids Bishops Stortford was our second franchisedDuring this period Tom and Lacey worked hard to keep inlocation opening in May 2019. Husband and wife team Tomtouch with their clients and employees and upon returningand Lacey Davies took on the franchise for Bishops Stortfordin June 2020, came back with even more clients than when after meeting with our head office team and deciding to jointhey paused in March. Of course, the subsequent restrictions our growing brand. played a part in the speed of the business growth, however Tom worked in recruitment prior to Haus Maids and Laceythey have worked so hard to grow back and now have a was a Deputy Head teacher at a local school. They live localfantastic successful business that is growing monthto the area with their three small children.on month.They made a fantastic start to their new business and within six months had a monthly turnover of 6,000 and wasAll of our questions are answered and at increasing month on month until March 2020. no point did we feel our questions were In March 2020, just 10 months after opening, like mostdiscounted or undermined but answered businesses in the UK they were forced to pause their businessfully with reassurance where necessary.while the country went into its first lockdown due to Covid-19.LACEY DAVIES, HAUS MAIDS BISHOPS STORTFORDWhy did you Choose Haus Maids?Tom and I have long decided we would like to run our own business, however we never knew what that would be! Interestingly, Tom found an advertisement online which showed the franchise Haus Maids. This immediately drew us in as we liked the branding which was our first impression of the business. It was modern, eye catching, and the wording was appealing. Our investigation into the franchise began, fuelling our interest further. On meeting Rich Knight, the founder, we felt that his approach was very honest about how we as franchisees would go about establishing the business and the potential growth it could offer us, which ticked a lot of our boxes for what we would like to achieve. How has the support from Haus Maids Head Office been?Support from head office has always been there whenever we have required it. You cannot ask for any more than that when investing into a new franchise.What has the most challenging part of running your franchise been?The most challenging part of the business has been to temporarily close due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, it came at a time where we had started growing at a fast pace. We have learnt a huge amount from this period, and it has not dampened our appetite for the business one bit.What has been the best bit of running your Franchise?The best part of owning our franchise has been having the opportunity to work within local communities and supporting charities and getting involved with local events to advertise our business. Also, although we have put a huge amount of work into the business, it has allowed us the flexibility to have a healthy work-life balance with our young family.Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Contact us at franchise@hausmaids.co.uk or 01252 213 222'