b'What is Franchising? Franchising is a means of running a business using some, or all, aspects of another business, including its name and brand. Do you recognise these brand logos? These are all franchises that have independent business owners trading under the companys name and logo using the brand to build successful businesses.Franchisor or Franchisee?The person who grants the licence is called a franchisor (Haus Maids). The person who gets the licence to run the business is called the franchisee (You). The agreement is that the franchisee benefits from all the elements of the successful business. This includes branding, supplies, designs, marketing, and advertising support. As a Haus Maids franchisee you will be granted a licence to trade under the Haus Maids name and youll be able to use all the aspects that made our business successful to enable you to run your own Haus Maids business.The support runs for the length of the franchise agreement. The initial term is five years with a guaranteed right for you to renew for another five years after the first term has ended. The franchisee pays the franchisor for support. Firstly, you have the upfront franchise fee, followed by monthly management payments linked to your turnover.The most attractive aspect of franchising is that your risk is limited. Haus Maids is a tried and tested venture with a proven track record and successes elsewhere. There is no shortcut to business success. There may be more certainty with a franchise than there is starting your own unproven business, but its not a guarantee, and even franchises require a lot of hard work if they are to succeed. Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Contact us at franchise@hausmaids.co.uk or 01252 213 222'