b'FAQsQWill I be cleaning homes? QCan I run the franchise from home?AOur model is built as a management franchise.AYes, most of our franchisees successfully run theirThis means you will not be expected to bebusiness from home. As your business grows you cleaning your clients homes. You will employ might choose to move to a small commercial a team of fully trained employees to undertakeoffice. Our model is designed so you can run this work. However, in the early days of youryour business from whatever location suits your business you must be willing to take on all taskslifestyle needs.within the business including cleaning clients homes when necessary.QWhat about the cars? QHow much do you charge your customers?AWe provide our teams with company vehiclesAThis is like asking Colonel Sanders for histo use. These cars are currently Vauxhall Corsastop-secret original KFC recipe and is one of or similar. We have great relationships with carthe elements that makes us different from our finance providers and will assist you in runningcompetitors. Our ability to offer our clients value your fleet including advice on insurance andfor money is how we have built our business and maintenance schedules. our pricing structure is unique and will be tailored for each location.Do you have another question? Please email your question tofranchise@hausmaids.co.uk - we would be happy to answer.Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Contact us at franchise@hausmaids.co.uk or 01252 213 222'