b'The franchise package & investmentOur franchise package has been created from direct experience of launching and running a successful Haus Maids franchise. Your Exclusive territory The Operation Manual 500 business cards. The rights to use Haus MaidsCar livery designs.identity & brand in your territory. Logos. Comprehensive trainingInitial team uniform. programme. Haus Maids email Business planning.address.Training and developmentYour own website page meetings. for your business on the 20,000 leaflets for your territory.Haus Maids website.Marketing workshops. Ability to create personalised Document templates (includinglanding pages.employment contracts and healthUse of our Software and safety policy). Access to our Haus Maids forum, Six Month Google marketingtalk to other Haus Maids franchisees campaign.on a whole range of business topicsSocial media marketing workshops.A local phone number. from9,950 + VAT Franchise FeeUp to100% Funding AvailableFinancial Projections & Investment Working Capital Required 10,000 - 12,000Working Capital is the money you will require to help build your business in those early days of your business until itbecomes profitable. We cautiously advise that this can take approximately 12 months. This money will be spent by youon your business, with our guidance and experience you will only spend this money to enable the very best return on investment available.Management Fee - 8% of Monthly TurnoverOur management fee is for your ongoing support and development. The management fee is paid for the support and advice we can offer you onan ongoing basis and it also includes ongoing costs for website, software, phone numbers, email, HR & IT Support.FundingUp to 100% Funding AvailableWe can assist you to locate funding for the initial franchise fee & the working capital if required. We ask prospective franchise owners to be open and honest about their financial status to make sure they have viable options to fund the franchise. Funding for a franchise operation is generally more straightforward than for an independent business. We have excellent relationships with all the major banks, which are keen to assist high calibre franchisees wherever they can, and we also work with funding companies within the franchise industry that can also assist you to find the right funding. We will be with you at every step to ensure you find the right funding solution for your business.Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Contact us at franchise@hausmaids.co.uk or 01252 213 222'