b'Financial projectionsTURNOVER PROJECTIONS500K400KTURNOVER300K200K100K0YEAR1 2 3 4 5Year OneYear Two Year Three Turnover:60,000 - 80,000Turnover:100,000 - 130,000 Turnover:200,000 - 250,000Profit:10,000 - 15,000 Profit:15,000 - 25,0000 Profit:45,000 - 75,000Year Four Year FiveTurnover:285,000 - 325,000 Turnover:350,000 - 425,000Profit:65,000 - 85,000 Profit:85,000 - 100,000+These projections are a guide for potential franchisees to the profit potential of our franchise model. The numbers stated are only based on our own experience of running our companys initial operation and early predications on our initial franchisees statistics. This is not a guarantee of profit and should not be read as such. We have produced these projections based on realistic earning potential and not the highest predictions. The company does not accept any responsibility or liability for individual business performance. Every franchise area will vary from these projections. We advise all new franchisees to take their own independent legal and financial advice before making any decisions about entering a business.Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Contact us at franchise@hausmaids.co.uk or 01252 213 222'